Appointment of new Trust Secretary

An introduction from our new Secretary, Bob Whetton.

As a season card holder for thirty years and an active home and away supporter throughout that time, I was delighted in February to be offered the opportunity to be co-opted to the Trust Board by our Acting Chairman, Andy Caddell. I have been a Trust member for some years and observed the growing but professional relationship of the Trust with the Football Club. After three or four months of working closely with the Board and seeing what a hard-working, committed and professional group they are, I agreed to take on the role of Secretary to the Trust.

Although the Trust has a very good base it was clear that with the impact of COVID we needed to strengthen our governance arrangements, and particularly the links to our membership. Our main purpose is to ensure we properly reflect the views of our membership. We should do so by fully respecting the requirements of the Football Supporters Association (FSA) which provides oversight and guidance to Trusts like ours.

The Board has already agreed that over the next few months we will review our governance arrangements – we have already resumed our ‘face to face’ monthly Board meetings; and we have an improvement plan in place for our internal procedures so that we can be an exemplar Football Supporters’ Trust.

Equally important is the service to our members which was addressed in the recent email to members. We are in the process of changing our IT systems including the website so that we can offer better two-way dialogue with members, and improved communications.

We hope to announce the arrangements for the forthcoming AGM in the next few weeks so that members have the opportunity to participate in the meeting.

Furthermore, we are developing an annual activity plan which will be on the website and regularly updated so that members can see where the Trust is spending /investing its income. Administration costs are kept to a minimum as all Board members are volunteers, and we will continue with a programme of initiatives such as the recent successful launch of ‘My City My Shirt’ (still ongoing), together with continuing dialogue with the Football Club on a wide range of issues including Disability, the Main Stand Development, Financial Fair Play, plus other emerging issues.

I look forward to Trust members responding to our offer of improved dialogue so that we can better represent their concerns, and thereby improve their matchday experience.

Bob Whetton
September, 2021