Q & A with NFFC (Covid-19 edition)

In what is a rapidly changing situation we have been in dialogue with the club to try and provide some updates for supporters across a range of topics related to the Coronavirus pandemic that is affecting us all. 

We are aware that there are more questions than those answered below and as soon as we are able to get firm positions on them we will update the answers – this is a fast moving environment and we’re assured that the club’s officials are working incredibly hard to cover all areas as soon as is feasible.

In the interim we would urge all supporters to follow government guidelines, using gov.uk/coronavirus for advice and updates. Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

How can fans help with community efforts while the Covid19 pandemic continues to impact everyone?

The club have been in regular dialogue with the city and local councils to understand how we can help. Given the update from the government on Monday is it essential that all supporters follow the rules and guidance from the authorities. The club will remain in contact with supporters through our communication channels and make them aware of any opportunities to help when possible.

What initiatives are planned or being considered? 

Working alongside our Community Trust the club have been reaching out to all relevant governing bodies and charitable organisations to work together on a number of projects. We are in regular dialogue with both the City and Rushcliffe councils to offer assistance and help where we can. We have also made contact with the NHS and offered our support through administrational tasks and facility space at the stadium- these discussions remain on-going.

Before self isolation was made mandatory by the government, members of community team were actively supporting local food bank charity, Hope Nottingham. As the demands on the charity were increasing daily the team visited the head offices to help with construction and maintenance of the facility to ensure it would be ready for critical times such as now. We remain in constant dialog with both Hope and Framework and will assist where we can.

In addition to the above we are also in discussions with local supermarkets to help with distribution of food parcels to the most vulnerable people. We are obviously mindful of the stay at home messaging from the government so these discussions remain on-going to understand what and how is the best way to do this.

Administration and Community staff have also been contacting our most elderly supporters to check on them and offer guidance and support where we can. This has also been the case with our Forest Vets members who were all contacted shortly after the regular meet ups were postponed due to the advice from the government regarding social gatherings.

The community trust are also developing a strategy for the Tricky to Talk campaign to offer help and assistance for those with mental health issues. It is hoped we will create an online portal or contact number for those in need of the service.

Finally, the club has and will continue to spread government and national health advice through our social media channels, which has a reach of over half a million people. As you will have seen we are now using these channels to actively engage with our followers, producing content which is best suited for those at home. This includes full match replays of popular matches, daily appreciation posts for key workers ( an email address has been set up and people have been sending in photographs of these workers) and uplifting messages of support from first team and former players. This week we will be rolling out exercise videos and healthy eating tips to help people stay active and healthy during these difficult times.

Will the club consider extensions to season ticket renewal periods in light of the extraordinary financial pressures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic meaning many fans have less or no income for an indeterminate period?

All options are being considered. The club will communicate directly with supporters with any developments.

What arrangements are available for fans who cannot, for whatever reason, use telephone or online renewal channels for season ticket renewal and cannot physically get to the ticket office due to the current government advice on social distancing?

The club will monitor and adapt plans if there is a large group affected in this way.

Will the option to use payment plans for season tickets be available for an extended period?

A finance option with Premium Credit Finance will remain open all summer. At this stage we do not have any reason to think this will not remain the case.

Can you clarify the situation with the redevelopment, what the current status is around planning, the next steps, the potential new timeline?

We appreciate our supporters are keen to understand the timescales for the stadium redevelopments. However given the current climate, we are not in a position to accurately predict when work will start or finish. We remain in contact with our partners on the project and council to understand what our options are, however as we are sure our supporters can appreciate this is not a priority for them (councils) at this moment in time. The club and our advisors however are still working with a target to secure planning permission asap and remain 100% committed to the redevelopment project.