Mission Statement

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Safeguarding the long-term future of Nottingham Forest, building a strong relationship between the club and its supporters and acting as an independent, democratic voice for fans


We will work with the club and all supporters to celebrate our history and recognise the people who made it

Our history gives us our identity and roots us in a shared journey as a community football club. Our players, staff and supporters make up that community

We will emphasise our status as a club, rather than a business, and find ways to protect that status by working together to share, honour and expand our collective stories, on and off the pitch


Working with the club’s executive we will provide transparent information and analysis to supporters that assures them of the stability, status and influence of their club

We will challenge the business plan to ensure that it has ambition that befits the club’s stature balanced with sustainability to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy our collective journey

We will work across the trust movement to build relationships and drive change that benefits fans of our national game


Honouring our club’s history as an innovative and influential member of the football community we will carry out a program of work that helps drive the strategic direction of the club and the wider game in England

Informed by our members and working with local and national stakeholders, we will become a model for Supporters’ Trusts in the way that we engage with key issues, providing authoritative, independent research that helps shape the future of the game in Nottingham and beyond